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“I was able to talk without being judged"

Lewisham Girls Night Service User

“I was given information that helped me with my anger. Just want to say thank you, you helped me a lot"

Addey & Stanhope School 1:1 Mentee

“I can't pick what I enjoyed the most as I enjoyed a lot of things. The sessions should finish later so we have more time"

Lewisham Service User

“ I was given helpful coping mechanism to minimise my pain"

Southwark 1:1 Mentee

“ Please make your sessions longer"

Lilian Baylis Male School Intervention Service User

“I learnt new dance moves and how to create characters"

Southwark Activity Day Service User   

“Learnt how to be more confident in myself and to be more open"

Southwark Service User   

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